About the Register of Judicial Receivables

Register of judicial receivables due for payment (“the Register”) is an information system developed pursuant to Act No. 374/2014 Coll. on receivables of the State as amended. It is a publicly available records of persons against whose a receivable due for payment is registered.

Regional Court in Bratislava, the Justice Treasury, administers unpaid judicial receivables which are overdue and were established by decisions of the courts of the Slovak Republic (Article 2 letter a) Act No. 65/2001 on administration and enforcement of judicial receivables as amended). Regional Court in Bratislava, Justice Treasury, when administrating judicial receivables, acts pursuant to the Resolution of the Government of the Slovak Republic No. 484 of July 6th 2011 and Methodical Directive of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 25/2011 of August 22nd 2011.

Legal person or Natural person – entrepreneur is, according to Article 2 para 2 of the Methodical Directive, identified in publicized list of debtors on the basis of data known from respective public register (Trade Register, Business Register).

A primary goal of the Register is to create a complex overview about debtors and unpaid judicial receivables. Implementation of publicly available records of unpaid judicial receivables will enable the State and the public to share information on individual judicial receivables and its unpaid time. The Register will also enable debtors to find out if they owe any monetary debt based on decisions of the courts of the Slovak Republic.

The Register has an informative character. The Justice Treasury, as an administrator of receivables, is obliged to publish a list of debtors on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, if particular receivable has been past due for more than a month.