Accessibility Statement

The portal of The Register Of Judicial Receivables fulfills the basic accessibility standards for public sector information systems defined by the Act No. 55/2014 Collection of Laws.

The portal content has been created using XHTML 1.0 , the graphical visualization of the portal is using cascade styles CSS 3. The portal supports responsive design to be accessible via mobile devices. In its text version the portal meets the Blind friendly standards. The text displayed on the portal can be zoomed by standard web browser tools.

The portal of The Central Register of Outstanding Receivables of the State is fully functional using the following versions of web browsers (mobile versions including):

  • Chrome 45 and higher
  • Firefox 39 and higher
  • IE 9 and higher
  • Safari 8.0.8 and higher

The technical provider of the Portal is DataCentrum (Ministry of Finance of the SR).